Special Olympics


We had another wonderful, exciting year at Special Olympics!

Our second time competing was a huge success!

This year Taylor took home 1st place in western horsemanship, and 2nd in showmanship.

Buddy won 6th in western horsemanship and 5th in Showmanship.

Rondel took home 3rd place in western horsemanship, and 4th place in showmanship. Riad won 2nd place in western horsemanship. Henry took 4th place in western horsemanship.

We are so proud of all of our competitors!


Brave Meadows just competed in our very first Special Olympics Horse Show. We took three athletes, three horses, and a team of volunteers to Chicopee Agricultural Center in Gainesville, GA for a full weekend of competition. Taylor, riding Chief, won 1st in Western Riding and 3rd in Showmanship. Bobby, riding Leia, won 2nd in Western Riding and 2nd in Showmanship. Riad, riding Sunny, won 3rd in Western Riding and 3rd in Showmanship.

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